Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Book about Allergy Shots for Kids

Book About Allergy Shots for Kids 

I have a new project in the works that I am super excited about! I am writing and illustrating a book for kids about allergy shots!  My daughter was terrified when we first started talking to her about allergy shots. She told us that she would never agree to them! She was afraid of the shots, and a lot of the fear about allergy shots came from not knowing what to expect. I found that by explaining all of the benefits of the allergy shots, and walking her through the process, that she was better able to accept it, and felt prepared, and in control of the situation. She is now doing very well with them! 

In researching ways to help her understand the process, and overcome her fears, I searched for a book for kids about allergy shots, and could not find one. So, I decided to write one! Telling my daughter the story, and explaining allergy shots to her in simplified terms helped her so much that I was inspired to create a book to share with you! I hope that it will help ease your child's fears, and provide an understanding of why allergy shots are important and beneficial. 

Here are a few sketches from the book. I will be posting as I go to keep me on task as this will be my first book, and any opinions, tips, or comments from your or your kids about what you/they would like to see included are welcome! 


Sketch for introducing the character:

Initial sketch of the main character Elliott:

Added color!


Checking the Skin Prick Test:



Little sister thinks this is great fun!

Hanging out with friends in the springtime:

Sketch for the allergy testing:


Up all night with seasonal allergies:

Sketch for the shot:
It's not so bad!

Sketch for the 20-30 min after shots wait in the office:

 adding color



Michele Schroeder said...

One MAJOR benefit we have seen with the allergy shots is clear skin vs the constant battle with eczema!

elizabeth marz said...

Good point! Will have to add that in! Thanks!