Friday, March 25, 2016

Allergy Shots for Kids Facebook Group!

Going through this allergy shot (allergen immunotherapy) journey has had many ups and downs.  I just started a Facebook Group "Allergy Shots for Kids" to be able to share those ups and downs, and find support from other parents who's children are on the same path.

My daughter is just about to reach maintenance! That means we will go in just once a month! We are all very excited about that!  The biggest hurdle to reach this point for us was the initial allergy shot. My daughter's fear of needles was overwhelming, and she would cry and shake just thinking about it. Thankfully we found ways to conquer that fear, and after the first painless shot, she was able to calmly start her journey towards better health. 

If you or your child have gone through this journey, or are just starting allergy shots, feel free to join the group to talk about your experience, your child's experience, advice on allergy shots, and any fears you or your child may have. The link to the group:  Allergy Shots for Kids (Allergen Immunotherapy)