Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gus the Goat Goes Gluten Free: Fantastic NEW children's book about food allergies

A review of   Gus the Goat Goes Gluten Free: A fantastic NEW children's book about food allergies!


A Positive and Encouraging Book for Young Children with Special Diets

As a mother of a child with multiple food allergies, and other dietary restrictions, I am always on the search for children's books about food allergies.  I look for books with relatable characters, and encouraging messages.  I have seen how a good children's food allergy book goes a long way to help my child understand her medical condition and the social aspects of her restricted diet in a positive way.  I was thrilled to find Gus the Goat Goes Gluten Free, written by Rebecca Champlin and illustrated by Lauren Champlin, as it is a wonderful example of a positive, and encouraging book for kids with food allergies, or special medical diets.

Celebrate the Foods Your Child Can Eat!

Gus the Goat Goes Gluten Free is a sweet tale about a goat that finds out that he has food allergies.  He discovers that he can't eat all of the same things that his friends eat, but by eating the right foods for his body, he feels so much better. Gus the Goat Goes Gluten Free focuses on celebrating the foods that your child can eat and encourages them to take care of their bodies by eating those foods.  I love the empowering message in this book, that it is cool to eat the right foods for your body, even if they are different foods from what others eat.

A Gentle Conversation Starter for Your Child

This book is a lovingly crafted tale that can gently start the discussion with your child about why they have to eat a certain diet that may be different from what their friends eat.  One of the most difficult aspects for me in raising a child with a restricted diet due to food allergies, or celiac disease has been the social aspect. Seeing friends eat differently can be confusing, and hurt feelings can arise at birthday parties and other social gatherings where sticking to the foods that are best for your body can be more difficult. Gus the Goat Goes Gluten Free can help your child see those challenging social times in a positive way.  Gus the Goat Goes Gluten Free can be used as a conversation starter to help your child through the times where they may want to eat the treats others are eating, and may not understand why they can not.

Keeping the focus on the positives of sticking to the foods that are best for your body can be tough at times. Gus the Goat Goes Gluten Free is a big help as it encourages your child to celebrate what they can eat, and empower them to take care of their bodies.

You can purchase this adorable book, and discover more about the author and illustrator by clicking on this link .