Thursday, March 13, 2014

Peanut, tree-nut free classroom poster, Food Allergy classroom poster

Peanut, and Nut Free Poster for School and Daycare

My daughter's classroom has been peanut, and tree-nut free for Kindergarten, and now first grade. So far it has worked out well.  She has many other allergies, but peanut and tree-nut are her most severe.

There are many great signs out there, but I was looking for one that mentioned hand washing as well as keeping the allergen out of the room. It was a lot of fun to make this.

I am so grateful for the  helpful input that I received from my food allergy support community! Thank You!

Email me at if you have a poster need that is not shown here, and I can create one tailored to your needs.

How to Print:  It prints as an 8x10.  To print, double click, or right click on the image, save to your device, and then print from your printer. 

New: Prints as an 8.5x11

Sub folder handouts:

Class Letter from Teacher to Parents: 


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