Friday, January 3, 2014

Allergy Shots for Kids with Environmental Allergies, and Asthma

We are going to start allergy shots in a couple of weeks for my daughter. After much research we are going for the traditional allergy shots for her seasonal pollen allergies, dustmite allergy, and pet allergies. We hope that they will help her daily hay fever symptoms, asthma, slow down her development of new allergies, and lessen her fruit and veggie oral allergy/ food pollen syndrome.

Because of the severity of her allergies, she will have 4 extra months added on to the 4-5 months of weekly shots as they will be diluted even more than usual, and building up slowly to her maintenance dose.

I am on a search for any books or websites geared towards kids to help them cope with the fear, and pain of the shots.

So far, I have found zero books for kids... But I was pointed to Buzzy, a frozen buzzing bee! It looks cute, and we will give it a try. And Shot Blocker, which looks super simple, and inexpensive. We will try that out as well. Also recommended was EMLA numbing cream, and hydrocortisone anti itch cream.

I was also told there are studies showing that eating something sweet, and keeping warm can help ease the pain... We will give that a go as well.

Maybe this buzzing bee can help? Any experiences using this that you can share?

Shot Blocker was recommended by an allergist that I admire:

So far our arsenal of products for combating the fear discomfort, and pain include:

Shot Blocker
EMLA cream- numbing cream
Hydrocortisone- anti itch cream
Warm clothing

I will continue to search for products, and books etc. to help her cope! Please share any tips, or resources that you may have!

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