Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Reads You Need for Allergies and Asthma!

My Favorite Books for Parents, Caregivers and Schools:

Reading will ease your fears and lessen your anxiety, and help you navigate the world of allergies.

Many parents of food allergic kids have little time for reading. At a recent meeting for my local food allergy support group I was surprised to find that most of the parents had never read a book on food allergies.  Many parents cited lack of time, and also the fear that a book may make the worry and anxiety that surround dealing with food allergies worse. I realized that I too had not picked up a book on food allergies until a few years ago. I had gone for years without ever reading in depth about the food allergies and asthma that I was dealing with on a daily basis as I too thought that I did not have the time, and worried that it may increase my fear surrounding my child's  allergies and asthma.

After reading my first book on food allergies, and asthma, my fear decreased, and I found that I was much more confident in dealing with my child's food allergies and asthma both at home, and with her school. I was able to make small changes to keep her healthier, and safer both at home, and at school. It also allowed me to better understand, and discuss treatments with my daughter's allergist, and pediatrician.
You may also have questions and fears such as:
Will the smell of a food that my child is allergic to cause an allergic reaction?
What is an airborne food allergic reaction?
What accommodations are necessary to keep my child safe at school?
What testing does my child need for asthma and allergies?
What medications for asthma and food allergies should I ask my child's doctor about?

The books I have listed will help dispel your food allergy fears, and give you confidence in dealing with your child's food allergies, and asthma! I have read all of them, and each is fantastic!

  "Understanding and Managing Your Child's Food Allergies"  by allergy expert Scott H. Sicherer. Gives great examples of many types of food allergies, and is a comprehensive guide for a parent, or caregiver dealing with multiple food allergies. Easy to understand, yet detailed. Learn about the different types of testing available, signs and symptoms of food allergies, and read about other families' experiences in figuring out just what their child is reacting to.

 "Food Allergies: A Complete Guide for Eating When Your Life Depends on It"  
The newest book by Scott H. Sicherer. He is a pediatric food allergy specialist. His books are very comprehensive. They will help you to understand food allergies, the different types of food allergy testing, what kinds of food allergy reactions your child may have, when to worry, and what you do not need to worry about, and more.

"Asthma Allergies Children: A Parent's Guide"
by Dr Paul Ehrlich, and Dr Larry Chiaramonte (pediatric food allergy specialists) and Henry Ehlrich (a great advocate for kids with food allergies. He is on the front lines of the newest research on treatments for food allergy and asthma) 
When your child is at a higher risk for severe reactions due to having both asthma, and allergies, you need this book! It will help you navigate and understand both at the same time.
They also have an awesome website: Asthma Allergies Children: A Parent's (web) Guide: 

"Food Allergies for Dummies"  by Dr. Robert Wood (pediatric food allergy specialist) Lots of great information, and easy to understand!

"Asthma For Dummies" by  William E. Berger, MD. Easy to understand, great for reducing anxiety, and figuring out the best way to treat your child's asthma.  It covers allergy shots, types of medications, explaining the different types of asthma and avoiding asthma triggers.

For Caregivers and Schools:

"The Peanut Allergy Answer Book" - Great information on peanut allergies for parents and schools alike! Use this book to help create food allergy awareness and safety in your school and at home.

 "The Food Allergy Book: What School Employees Need to Know"
It can be found at the NEA Health Information Network . The counselor said that the teachers love this book, and often say, "Well the purple book says..."

 Food Allergies & Grandchildren: Pocket Guide for Grandparents by Julie Trone            
Great short guide for Grandparents and caregivers!

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