Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jumping in...maybe...Maybe just dipping in a toe..

Navigating motherhood along with the sometimes nail biting world of food allergies is quite an adventure at times. While I am blessed to have a wonderful family, and a great group of friends, food allergies can make me feel very alone. I have two children, with different levels of atopy, meaning different levels of allergies, asthma, and eczema. We are also living with multiple food allergies, and celiac disease as well. I am learning as I go that it is important for family and friends to understand these conditions, especially food allergies, as most social occasions revolve around food, and I feel that with a greater understanding comes greater inclusion, and acceptance. 

As I research ways in which to help my children, I find that I have a lot of questions, especially about food allergies. Before parenting my oldest child, I never imagined that one bite of a cookie, or a juicy piece of ripe watermelon could cause a life threatening allergic reaction. I have read many books, blogs, and articles on the topic, and I should feel like I have a pretty good handle on dealing with food allergies. However, I feel that there is always more to learn the deeper I go.

After reading and enjoying many helpful food allergy blogs, I have decided to add our experiences to the sea of blogs in the hope of helping others (and myself) gain a better understanding of unusual food allergies, and find ways to thrive no matter what. So here I go, and dip my toe into the world of blogging.

Any advice I may have is based solely on my experiences as a mom of an atopic child with multiple food allergies. I am NOT a doctor, and this is not medical advice! My answers may not be scientifically sound, or grounded in reality.

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